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Yvonne Ribaudo

Instructor of Management

  • Business & Economics
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Courses Taught

  • Employee Training and Development
  • Leading Change
  • Leadership Development

Professional Experience/Achievements

  • I create and replicate on-the-job-training systems in various manufacturing environments with a focus on reducing opportunities for process and product variability.
  • I develop and deliver numerous classroom training experiences, from one-hour segments of training, to workshops that last several days, to courses that unfold over a semester’s time.

Teaching Philosophy

I consider that, if learning is only evidenced in the amount of information mastered intellectually, we have only scratched the surface of learning. To the degree that we are able to put what we know into action, we are well served by what we know. To that end, I encourage students to ask the irreverent questions of what they are learning: “So what? What difference does it make whether or not I possess this knowledge? How will it equip me for future pursuits? How can I use what I know to better love and serve God and others?” It is this most important last question that we can ask and answer in our Christ-centered learning environment that is never even contemplated in many learning institutions.

I have taught, in a variety of capacities, for over 35 years. Every audience brings its own unique mix of experiences, perspectives, and insights to the learning environment. One of the most exciting elements of guiding the learning experience is the potential for each of us to leave that encounter different than when we arrived.

My passion is for training, teaching, coaching, and equipping adults to successfully achieve personal and/or organizational goals. I enjoy creating processes and systems that support human growth and empowerment and focus on developing evidence-based solutions that deliver specific objectives and outcomes.

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