Zina Teague

Admission Counselor

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Send Me An Email

Regions Covered:

  • New Jersey (zip codes: 07000-08999)
  • NYC/Long Island (zip codes: 10000-11999)
  • Albany, NY (zip codes: 12000-12399)
  • Southeastern NY (zip codes: 12400-12799)
  • Hudson Valley, NY (zip codes: 12800-12999)
  • Maryland, Delaware, DC (zip codes: 19700-21999)

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Educational Background: BA in Psychology and Sociology (Houghton College, 2012)

Interesting fact about me: I am the only American born in my immediate family!

Why I chose Houghton: It amazes me to think about how much I didn’t realize God was truly orchestrating my life back in high school. I only applied to two colleges got accepted to both and for some reason I just felt more at peace with Houghton than the other college. My first time on campus, after visiting as a middle school student for a competition, was the day I moved in for my freshman year. I thought I wasn’t going to like it and thought about transferring. I even promised that I wouldn’t stay past the four years but here I am graduated and so happy with the choice of coming to Houghton.  I have so many great memories and experiences from Houghton that if given the chance to do things differently I wouldn’t change coming to Houghton. I can look back now and see how God’s hand was involved the whole time. 

Favorite Houghton memory: I loved the long Sundays I would have traveling early in the morning to go visit a church with the Gospel Choir. We could lead worship at a church or just do a special selection and then join the congregation in a potluck style lunch. Later on in the evening we would gather together for our usual practice time. Everyone would be so tired but pumped to worship together and excited to share our stories from earlier that day.

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