Staff Cabinet

Mission Statement

To promote the cause of Christ and Houghton College by encouraging unity, mutual understanding and good will among our fellow workers, and to work together with faculty on mutual concerns.

Contact Your Staff Cabinet

If you have questions, would like to give your opinion on something, or suggest new topics for the cabinet to discuss please contact your area representative at left, or any cabinet officer. You can also reach us at

Cabinet Officers

Area Reps

Area Reps represent the staff members under specific Vice President's areas. However, any Staff member may contact any Area Rep to discuss matters or ask questions.

Committee/Council Roles

  •                     - Representative to the Advancement Council
  •                     - Representative to the Committee on Spiritual Life
  • Chris Tetta - Representative to the Enrollment Management Council
  • Andrew Silbert - Representative to the Student Life Council
  • Helena Oden - Resource Person to the Board of Trustees/Ex Officio member of Finance Council
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