Issue: November 2014

November 2014 - Message: Shelly Hillman

Shelly Hillman

Hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice fill the air, blending with notes of cranberry and vanilla. Across the table are sumptuous dishes in a variety of autumn colors, culminating, for many of us, in the golden bird that rests at the center of it all.

Or is that turkey truly the center of our day?

Sometimes we feast and watch football. Other times we surround the table for coffee, stories, magazines, and song. For this single day of the year, we set aside our usual tasks and focus instead on our time together as we share memories and create new ones.

We give thanks for the food before us and the people around us (even when we disagree), remembering that others are not as blessed. Our call as Christians is to live in community and fellowship, an aspect of our faith that is often waylaid by our work, hobbies, and interests, and we have the opportunity to fully embrace it, if even for one day.

But why not more?

Shouldn’t each day be this way? From casual dinners with friends to baking parties, we have countless moments to embody that Thanksgiving Day togetherness and join in the universal community so vital to our faith. I know that I, like many people, often view these moments as just another one in my passing days and fail to think on just how wonderful it is that we are each unique, yet work together as a whole.

So as we approach a holiday intended to unify us and our families (and give us a brief break before the end-of-semester rush), let’s enjoy our time together, not forgetting that each day is filled with over 57,000 waking moments that we can share with others . 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!