Issue: September/October 2015

Sept./Oct. 2015 Message: Marc Smithers

One of the exciting changes in Student Life for the fall is the reinstatement of Purple and Gold week, an historic Houghton tradition that pitted half of the student population against the other in various competitive activities culminating in either the Purple or Gold team being declared the winners of the Purple and Gold competition. Events often got so competitive that, to this day, some alumni who strongly identify with their Purple or Gold team refuse to even be seated at tables for banquets if they are given a napkin the color of the opposite side.

Wait! You say, Hasn’t Purple and Gold week been going on for the better part of the last decade, so what’s new about this?

While we have had Purple and Gold week competitions since 2008, we are reinstating the more competitive nature of this week and moving it to coincide with Homecoming weekend. Under this new model, the incoming students for fall 2015 will be split evenly into the Purple and Gold teams and returning students will be able to choose which they belong to which they will then remain with for the remainder of their Houghton education. We’ll also be packing this week with daily competitions that pits each team against the other, such as in our Powder Puff football game which will kick the week off, a pudding Tug-o-War competition, and a gigantic (12 foot diameter) beach volleyball competition on the quad during the Homecoming Festival. A winner of Purple and Gold week will be announced at SPOT on Saturday night and we are working on commissioning a trophy to be displayed in a central location that will illuminate either purple or gold for the next year to instill the spirit of this long tradition in our current student population. In Residence Life and Programming, we are excited to see how this new spirit to this historic event will help to build longstanding affinity for Houghton College and develop a renewed pride among the student population for this place and this community.