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ENGL 206 Post-Colonial African Literature

Students will journey not only to the African continent, but also into the hearts, minds and souls of the African people by reading novels, short stories, poetry, drama and oral tradition of postcolonial sub-Sahara Africa. Through reading literature written by people of the African continent, you will broaden and deepen your conceptual base for understanding what you see and hear during your semester in Africa. Students’ worldview will be challenged hearing new voices expressing the African perspective on issues of race, gender, history, Western hegemony and the challenges Africa faces in shaping its own future in a rapidly changing world. To better understand African discourse in response to the incursion of Europe and the West, selections from European writers on Africa will provide a representation of the “native” in the imperialist ideology. (No Integrative Studies credit.) Liberal Arts.

  • Terms: F&S
  • Credit Hours: 3