Topics in Leadership and Vocation (5-week module)

The course introduces concepts for Christian responsibility and involvement in public issues important to your internship. It asks what it means for you to "enact" your vocation by living out the truth of your convictions in "real life." By focusing on a public topic salient to your internship placement, you learn to use (1) basic techniques for issue analysis and (2) the narrative pattern of the Bible (creation, fall, redemption, consummation) as an analytical framework. Reflecting on the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities that arise from your internship experience, attention is given both to the larger Biblical narrative and to your own unique story, identity and gifting. Unlike other 5-week ASP modular courses, this course stresses interaction with your internship placement and extends across the semester, beginning with the term's first two weeks, involving a week at midterm and concluding with the term's last two weeks.

  • Terms:
  • Credit Hours: 3
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