Internship Placement: (14-week part-time work)

This course is an internship placement that continues across the semester. You must work a minimum average of 20 hours a week for a minimum of 13 weeks to receive 6 semester hours of credit. Although ASP has placed students in hundreds of agencies and offices throughout the greater Washington metropolitan area, each internship placement is designed with you in mind. Your position and duties are arranged through a careful process involving ASP, the sponsoring agency and you. You receive academic credit for this course so you cannot be paid for your work. Your internship is carefully monitored by ASP faculty. Faculty monitors confer with you and your on-site supervisor. Your faculty monitor also visits your internship site at least once during the term. To successfully complete an internship, you are required to (1) submit three reflection essays on your experiences & observations, (2) get "the big picture" surrounding your placement by attending events around the city, and (3) read and reflect on an internship text.

  • Terms:
  • Credit Hours: 6
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