Chinese History

Required course for program. One-third of this seminar course consists of lectures, one-third consists of presentations by the students, and one-third consists of field trips to historical sites. The course covers the history of China from its earliest beginnings up to the present. Students become familiar with the major dynasties of China, their character and contributions, and their major figures. On a study tour to Xi’an, Beijing, and Shanghai, students visit many of the most famous Chinese sites of historical importance, including the Terra Cotta Soldiers, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the temple of Heaven, the Shanghai Museum, and much more. Each student will also read and make a presentation on a book about one significant event or person in Chinese history, such as the Boxer rebellion, the Mongol empire, the international voyages or the Ming Dynasty, Matteo Ricci, etc. Possible credit: history, cross-cultural studies.

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  • Credit Hours: 3
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