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Contemporary Society: Public Policy & Economic Development

Required course for program. This required course examines two key and inter-related aspects of modern China: government policy and economic reforms. Public Policy covers the structure of the Chinese government, social rights and the legal system, and issues such as ethnic minorities, family planning and education. Economic development focuses on the government policies from 1949 to present, from the commune system to the current market-oriented reforms. Other topics include foreign investment, pollutions and the environment, and the World Trade Organization. Each student will present an investigative report based on interviews with Chinese about a topic relating to contemporary Chinese society that is of particular interest to Americans. All students will also prepare a marketing paper in which they describe and analyze the ways an American or international company markets its products or its franchise in China. The goal of this course is for students to learn about China by seeking out informed Chinese themselves. Possible credit: political science, cross-cultural studies, sociology, history, business and economics.

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  • Credit Hours: 3