ART 263 Typography and Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing from raised metal type was the primary means of mass communication for over 500 years. While no longer an economically significant segment of the commercial printing market, letterpress continues to live on for specialized commercial applications and, perhaps more importantly, as the heart and soul of a wonderful avocational world known as the private press movement. This course offers an introduction to hand set metal type and wooden type letterpress printing techniques, as well as limited edition printing of text and image on fine papers. Students will research and discuss the innovations of moveable type, wood type and typography in relation to their influence and effect on human civilization, language and the written word, the industrial revolution, and modern economic structure. Studio projects may include design and printing of social and greeting cards, text based broadsides and posters, handmade books and custom stationary suites. Culture: Art. Lab fee.

  • Terms: F
  • Credit Hours: 2
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