A Christian College of the Liberal Arts & Sciences

ART 285/286/287/288 Fine Arts Seminar

This seminar course focuses on theory, concepts and methodology of art historical study and their application to the contemporary visual arts by engaging students in discourse surrounding lectures of visiting artists. Investigations of film and writing will be a secondary approach to the course, This course will be required of all majors in the BA, BFA and BFA Applied Design programs, to be repeated for 0-1 hours each time up to 4 credits. The goal of this course is to build community and engage all majors in the dialog of contemporary and relevant studio practice and design industry issues from the moment they walk into the major – first year through senior year. Majors in all art and design programs will have the real world ideas and issues of contemporary arts professionals brought to their doorstep on the HC campus.

  • Terms: F&S
  • Credit Hours: 0-1, repeat up to 4 credits