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Art with Visual Studies Concentration

BA (28 hours in art plus 12 hours in a cross disciplinary concentration)

Required Foundation CoreCredits
ART 131 Intro to Visual Arts 2
ART 211 Drawing I or ART 241 Two-dimensional Design or ART 242 Three-dimensional Design 2
ART xxx Studio elective 4
Total 8
Required History CoreCredits
ART 231 Ancient Art History* 4
ART 232 Renaissance and Baroque Art History* 4
ART 237 Modern & Contemporary Western Art History* 4
ART xxx Art History Elective 4
Total 16
*Art department travel Mayterms may fulfill any of these but can also be used as the 4th elective course.
Capstone CoursesCredits
ART 485 Senior Studio 2
ART 486 Senior Seminar and Exhibition 2
Total 4
Cross-disciplinary CoursesCredits
12 hours of cross-disciplinary electives 12

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