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Coaching Registration

Completion of the teaching certification option meets all requirements for New York registration for coaching interscholastic sports in the public schools. This program is for students in other majors/minors interested in coaching registration.

Required CoursesCredits
PHED 295 ST: Principles, Philosophy and Organization of Athletics in Education 3
PHED 395 ST: Health Sciences Applied to Coaching 3

These are expected to be alternating courses offered during Mayterm and will meet 2 of the 3 required courses for New York registration (courses will be offered on an "When Schedule Permits" basis).

Courses meeting the requirements for coaching interscholastic sports in New York public schools must be completed within one year unless an extension has been filed (up to three years). For this reason, these courses are recommended for junior and senior students ONLY. The remaining 2-credit course, Theory and Techniques of Coaching, will need to be completed on the student's own time and expense in order to complete the coaching certification.

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