Political Science

BA (35*-36 hours)

Required Core CoursesCredits
POLS 212 Social Science Research Methods 4
POLS 220 The American Political System 4
POLS 230 Introduction to International Relations or POLS 437 International Law
POLS 260 Introduction to Political Thought 4
POLS 480 Senior Capstone: Politics Seminar 4
Total 20
Political Science ElectivesCredits
Political Science Electives (up to 4 credits may be fulfilled through an internship) 15*-16
Total 15*-16

Students will be encouraged to complete a broad liberal arts education, especially including exposure to the other social sciences (economics, sociology, psychology, and cultural anthropology) as well as history, philosophy, ethics, logic, and critical thinking.

*If a student takes a Mayterm course worth only 3 credit hours, s/he may complete the major with only 15 hours of elective credit and 35 hours total.

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