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Optional French Concentration for Intercultural Studies Major

16 hours.

This concentration allows the student to progress in their fluency of French. The Intercultural Studies Department recognizes that the work we prepare students for must be done in the language of the people we serve. French is particularly pertinent to development work in Francophone Africa.

Students are expected to take FREN 301 Conversation and Grammar I as the conversation requirement for the INCL core.

Required CoursesCredits
FREN 305 French Phonetics 4
FREN 421 French Civilization 4
FREN 461 Advanced French Conversation 4
Optional CourseCredits
FREN 350 Advanced French Grammar and Composition 4
FREN 395 Special Topics 4
Other French course approved by the chair of the Department of World Languages and Literatures. If the course is taken abroad or through Mayterm the total number of hours must equal or exceed 16. Courses taken abroad may be substituted for the required courses.
Total Concentration credits 16

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