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Optional Islamic Studies Concentration for Intercultural Studies Major

5 Courses; 20 hours.

Since 2004, Houghton College has moved into the front-line position among Christian colleges in training students in an Islamic concentration. In addition to introductory Arabic, students can take courses, spanning Islam's sacred texts, engaging the Muslim world, Globalization and Islamization, Folk Islam, Islam in North America, and the history of Islam. Courses are offered by Missionary scholars in residece or similar courses can be taken through study abroad options when available. Arabic is to be taken as the Conversational Language requirement for the INCL Major.

Required CoursesCredits
INCL/MISS 322 History of Islamic Theology and Movements 4
INCL/MISS 360 Intro to Islamic Foundations 4
INCL/MISS 361 Engaging the Muslim World 4
INCL/MISS 442 Globalization and Islamization 4
One Course from the following courses:Credits
INCL/MISS 440 Unorthodox and Folk Islam 4
INCL/MISS 441 Islam in North America 4

Approved study abroad course such as: Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East (CCCU: Middle East Studies)

Concentration total 20

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