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Optional Linguistics Concentration for Intercultural Studies Major

5 Courses: 20 hours.

Linguistics courses are useful to anyone expecting to learn or work with languages. The linguistics concentration seeks to train students to become global scholar-servants. offering opportunities for global scholarship and service in language development, documentation of "endangered" languages, literacy and service in Bible translation. The program along with the INCL Core prepares the student to work in the multicultural settings where these opportunities abound. Students become familiar with both the sound systems and grammatical structures of language to prepare them for comprehensive language analysis and documentation.

Required CoursesCredits
LING 220 Introduction to Linguistics 4
LING 322 Phonetics 4
LING 323 Phonology I 4
LING 333 Grammar I 4
Choose one special interest course from the following courses:Credits
LING 312 Sociolinguistics 4
LING 350 First and Second Language Acquisition 4
LING 351 Linguistics for TESOL 4
Concentration Total 20

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