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Optional Urban Studies Concentration for Intercultural Studies

19 - 20 hours.

The coursework exposes students to diverse theoretical perspectives, engages them in analyzing real-world problems, and blends reading and discussion with experience, including both service-learning and field research. In these ways, the concentration aims to prepare students to work and serve as Christians in urban contexts, whether vocationally or as engaged citizens. The program is holist and community-focused, works at multiple levels (family, neighborhood, city, metropolitan-area), considers carefully the role of the church, and is interdisciplinary, including theological, sociological, and political dimensions.

Required CoursesCredits
POLS 212 Social Science Research Methods 4
URMN 212 Urban Ministry 4
URMN 350 The City in Biblical and Theological Perspective 4
POLS 328 Governing Urban Communities 4
Choose one course from the following courses:Credits
POLS 375 Immigration and Citizenship 4
SOC 222 Social Problems 4
URMN 250 Evangelism and Social Action in the Urban Context 3
MISS 342 Contextualization in Missions 4
CRFM 341 Theological Explorations in Youth Cultures and Ministry I and CRFM 342 Theological Explorations in Youth Cultures and Minsitry II 2, 2
INCL 311 Intercultural Experience must be in an Urban Setting in the US or abroad.
Concentration Total 19 - 20

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