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Islamic Studies

15-16 hours

Required CoursesCredits
INCL/MISS 360 Intro to Islamics 4
INCL/MISS 361 Engaging the Muslim World 4
Electives (Choose two of the following courses)Credits
INCL/MISS 322 History of Islamic Theology and Movements 4
INCL/MISS 440 Unorthodox  and Folk Islam 4
INCL/MISS 441 Islam in North America 4
INCL/MISS 442 Globalization and Islamization 4
Approved study abroad course such as (CCCU: Middle East Studies)
Peoples and cultures of the Middle East 4
Islamic Thought and Practice in the Middle East 4
Conflict and Change in the Middle East 4
Minor total 15-16

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