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Training In Ministry Outreach (TIMO)

Affiliated Off Campus Program

TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) is a two-year training program, equipping new career missionaries in the basics of evangelism and church planting with the goal of establishing a church. This is accomplished while living amongst an unchurched and, preferably, unreached people group. Each team is led by an experienced missionary who has been prepared by the TIMO administration. The team leaders pour themselves into the training/mentoring of their team. One of the highest priorities for the team is learning the vernacular language of the host people group, using the LAMP method. To effectively learn language in this way, team members must build good relationships in the community, providing both the credibility and the opportunity for sharing Christ. Students take four units of study, each three to four months long. For each unit, books of varying perspective are read and interacted with by the team. At the weekly team meeting, the team works through the study topic in relationship to scripture, constantly looking at the practical applications. The goal is to write a personal philosophy of ministry for each unit with one final paper pulling the two year experience together.

 These five courses are only offered in conjunction with TIMO, an arm of the Africa Inland Mission based in East Africa. Students must be part of a TIMO team undertaking a two year learning/ministry project with proper supervision.

**Special note: This program is only available by special arrangement with TIMO. It cannot be pursued as a normal study abroad.

Course Descriptions

TMIS 410 Cross-cultural Discipleship


After coming to an understanding of what a Biblical model of discipleship looks like, the student will propose a model which will take into account the distinctives of the host culture. This model should not just be theoretical, but will be used in relationships with members of the host culture.

TMIS 306 Evangelism and Church Planting


Building on the principles of Intercultural Research, the student will seek to develop a biblical model of out-reach which is faithful to scripture yet appropriate in the particular cultural context in which the student is living.

INCL 311 Intercultural Experience (TIMO)


TINC 206 Intercultural Research


Learning about culture through assigned readings, discussion and interaction with people from the host culture in which the student is living. This will include an evaluation of that culture with the goal of understanding how best to communicate with the people in a culturally appropriate manner.

TLIN 202 Language Acquisition


Students will study the underlying philosophy for learning a language. They will study various theories on methods of language learning with an emphasis on right brain learning in a relational setting. The theory will then be put into practice in a community setting. The students will actually learn a language with weekly support and evaluation.

INCL 482 Senior Intercultural Seminar (TIMO)


TMIS 204 Spiritual Dynamics and Power Encounters


This course will encourage the students to critically evaluate their understanding of the spiritual realms. This will be accomplished through reading the writings of a broad range of authors and a thorough study of Scriptures. The goal will be to understand the practical out workings of this topic in the host culture.

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