International Business Institute

Affiliated Off Campus Opportunity (11 week summer program)

Houghton College is affiliated with the IBI of Messiah College. The 11-week summer opportunity, normally taken following completion of the junior year, includes periods of residence in key locations as well as coordinated visits to major political, business, and economic centers of Western Europe and Russia. Applicants should have completed at least one full year of economics, one semester of accounting, one course in marketing, and one in management. These courses are unique to IBI and are all taken as part of the package.

Course Descriptions

IBI-331 Comparative Economic Systems


A survey and critical study of comparative economic systems, their underlying ideological foundations and institutional arrangements. Prerequisites: one year of economic principles.

IBI-357 Global Business Strategy


This course is designed to cover the major topics normally offered in a course in international business management and strategy. It also has a very important function of enabling the integration of field experiences, corporate visits, and presentations by guest faculty with the current theoretical developments and literature in this field. Students will be expected to prepare analytical reports on the various firms and institutions represented in the program.

IBI-339 Global Marketing


The theory and practice of current management concerns in contemporary global marketing including the international marketing environment, market research and entry, product planning and strategy; all within the distinctive cultural setting. Prerequisite: Course work in principles of marketing.

IBI-350 International Trade and Finance


This course presents the central tools, concepts and issues in modern international economics. It provides a discussion of the analytical elements of international trade, trade policy, foreign exchange markets, exchange-rate systems and international monetary policy. Special topics to be covered include regional trade agreements, globalization, international financial crises, and the challenges facing the European Union (EU) and the European Monetary Union (EMU).

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