Communication with Concentration in Media Arts and Visual Communication

BA/BS (19 hours of core courses; 2 co-requisite hours; 14 - 20 hours of concentration courses)

This concentration focuses on visual media-making, with many classes devoted to creative studio work. To make visual media that is effective, creative, and ethical, critical analysis and cross-disciplinary connections are essential. This concentration is a unique combination of media theory, critical analysis, and cultural application combined with practical creative work focusing on digital media tools. This includes new forms of creation, distribution, and social engagement outside of traditional structures. Independent cinema, Internet and interactive media, support for non-profit organizations, alternative political or social speech, media and performance art, documentary from a personal viewpoint, and storytelling/folklore are areas where students can apply their knowledge and skills.

COMM 101 Presentational Speaking (also satisfies the Integrative Studies Community: Communication requirement) 2
Total 2
Required CoursesCredits
COMM 205 Introduction to Communication Theory 4
COMM 214 Introduction to Mass Media 4
COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication 4
COMM 216 Organizational Communication 3
COMM 417 Seminar in Public Communication 4
Total 19
Concentration CoursesCredits
COMM 224 Time, Motion, and Communication 4
COMM 284 Introduction to Digital Imaging 4
 Three Elective Courses chosen from the following courses:
COMM 207 Introduction to Pro Tools 3
COMM 208 Pro Tools Production I
COMM 228 Digital Video I 4
Comm 328 Digital Video II 4
COMM 232 Introduction to Web Communication 4
COMM 384 Digital Imaging II 4
COMM 410 Media Arts: Advanced Projects 4
ART 245 Graphic Design I 4
ART 314 Art and History of Film 4
COMM 295, 395 Special Topics 2 - 4
COMM 389 or 489 Communication Internship 1, 2, 3, or 4
WRIT 214 Literary Non-Fiction 4
WRIT 304 Screenwriting 4
Concentration Total 14 - 20

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