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Christian Formation

BS (49-54 hours)

The Christian Formation major, along with its youth ministries concentration, includes a strong liberal arts foundation plus theoretical and applied studies in religious education, to assist the student in preparing for church or parachurch vocations such as Christian education director, children, youth, or adult education director, or careers in denomination educational programs or publications. The department expects that majors will fully prepare themselves for the above vocations through subsequent graduate programs in a university or seminary.

Christian FormationCredits
CRFM 231 Foundations of Educational Ministry 2

CRFM 442 Internship in Christian Formation


CRFM 482 Senior Capstone: Seminar in Christian Formation


Choose 2 of the following:

CRFM 331 Christian Formation of Children

CRFM 332 Christian Formation of Youth (If students pursue the Youth Ministry concentration, CRFM 332 counts for concentration, not major) 2
CRFM 333 Christian Formation of Adults 2
Total 12-16
BIBL 221 Biblical Interpretation 4
Two Bible Electives 8
Total 12
MIN 210 Introduction to Christian Ministries 2
MIN 317 Leadership in the Church 4
Total 6
Bible Teaching ProficienciesCredits
CRFM 325 Bible Study and Teaching Methods 4
Total 4
THEL 313 Systematic Theology 4
THEL 320 Spiritual Formation 4
Total 8
Family Studies (Choose 1 from following courses)Credits
PSY 326 Family Systems Theory through Film 4
SOC 237 Introduction to Marriage & Family Studies 4
THEL 337 Theological Foundations of the Family 4
Total 4
Urban Ministry (Choose 1 from following courses)Credits
URMN 212 Urban Ministry 4
URMN 250 Evangelism & Social Action in the Urban Context 3
Total 3 or 4

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