BA (32 hours)

Houghton philosophy majors are free to explore a wide range of questions the answers to which strengthen the foundation of a person’s worldview and assist him or her to think through the relationships of all branches of knowledge and practice to the Christian faith. Work within other disciplines rests on philosophical commitments regarding the ways we know, the nature of reality, and basic human values (which is one reason Houghton students are required to take at least one course in philosophy). Philosophy courses at Houghton connect directly or indirectly with many other areas, such as law, medicine, the arts, theology, business, and even the sciences. This, together with the fact that the study of philosophy significantly enhances basic intellectual skills (such as critical thinking, conceptual analysis, reading comprehension, and writing), makes the study of philosophy excellent pre-professional training, whether you’re thinking of a pursuing work in church-related ministry (pre-seminary), law, education (elementary, secondary, or college), missions, linguistics/translation, medicine, business, finance, counseling, government service, public administration, journalism, library science, relief work, or just about any other field of work. The philosophy major at Houghton is compact and flexible, making it a good choice as a standalone or a second major. The philosophy minor is also a great complement to work in other fields. In addition to courses on the history of ideas (from Plato to Postmodernism), logic and critical thinking, Houghton offers “bridge courses” that directly link the study of philosophy to other disciplines, such as Philosophy of Law, Introduction to Political Thought, Medical Ethics, History and Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics, and Reason and Religious Belief. A little additional coursework in areas outside philosophy, such as business, psychology or sociology, opens up the possibility of internships in a wide variety of settings.  

History of Philosophy (At least three courses selected from the following courses) Credits
PHIL 243 Ancient Philosophy 4
PHIL 244 Medieval Philosophy 4
PHIL 245 Early Modern Philosophy 4
PHIL 246 Late Modern & Contemporary Philosophy 4
Total 12
Other Required CoursesCredits
PHIL 222 Logic & Critical Thinking 4
Philosophy Electives level 220 and above (eight hours must be at the 400-level) 14
PHIL 495 Senior Capstone: Philosophy Colloquium 2
Major Total 32

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