Integrative Philosophy

BA (24 hours in philosophy combined with 16 hours in allied field)

Philosophy RequirementsCredits
History of Philosophy (At least two courses selected from the following courses)
PHIL 243 Ancient Philosophy 4
PHIL 244 Medieval Philosophy 4
PHIL 245 Early Modern Philosophy 4
PHIL 246 Late Modern & Contemporary Philosophy 4
Total 8
Additional Philosophy Requirements
Philosophy Electives 14
PHIL 495 Senior Capstone: Philosophy Colloquium 2
Philosophy Total 24
Allied Discipline RequirementsCredits
16 hours in allied field. Pre-approved fields are: Business Administration, Communication, Biblical Studies, Theology, Art, politics, Psychology, Literature, Writing, and Science (Pre-Med emphasis). Check with any philosophy faculty on specific requirements (if any) for each area. Other allied fields are possible, with approval from the department coordinator. 16

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