BA/BS (32-33 core hours in the major; 6 co-requisite hours)

GREK 101, 102 Greek or HEBR 101, 102 Hebrew 3, 3
Total 6
Required CoursesCredits
BIBL 221 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIBL 231 Pentateuch 3
BIBL 233 Jesus and the Gospels 3
BIBL 355 Biblical Theology I 2
BIBL 356 Biblical Theology II 2

GREK 201 Greek Readings or HEBR 201 Hebrew Readings or CRFM 325 Bible Study & Teaching Methods

2 or 3
Bible Electives (may include up to 3 hours of any THEL course) 15
BIBL 482 Senior Capstone: Senior Seminar 2
Total 32-33

A major in Bible is recommended for those expecting to become missionaries, teachers or leaders in para-church ministries, and translators. It is also an excellent base for seminary or graduate work in biblical studies, theology, and related disciplines. Majors must take all core courses and co-requisite courses.

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