Inclusive Childhood Education Major with Communication Concentration

BS (58 hours; plus 4 hours in pre/co-requisites and a concentration of 30-32 hours)

See Inclusive Childhood Education Major link on department page for the major requirements.

COMM 101 Presentational Speaking 2
Total 2
Core CoursesCredits
COMM 205 Intro to Communication Theory 4
Choose 2 of the following courses. If a schedule conflict should occur, subsitutions may be made only with approval from the appropriate department chair(s).
COMM 214 Intro to Mass Media 4
COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication 4
COMM 216 Organizational Communication 3
Core Total 11-12
Choose addtional Communication elective courses with input from your advisor(s). Pre-approved elective courses are listed below. 17-18
COMM 244 Oral Performance of Literature  4
COMM 245 Theatre Arts  4
COMM 316 Advanced Presentational Speaking 2
COMM 318 Rhetorical Theory 4
COMM 319 American Public Address 4
COMM 330 Conflict Management 4
ART 314 The Art of History and Film 4
PSY 326 Family Systems Theory through Film 4
WRIT 214 Literary Non-Fiction 4
WRIT 304 Screenwriting 4
WRIT 312 Creative Writing in Public Life 4 
Other electives must be approved by the Chairs of the Communication and Education Departments.

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