Inclusive Childhood Education Major with Intercultural Studies Concentration

BS (58 hours; plus 4 hours in pre/co-requisites and a concentration of 30-36 hours)

See Inclusive Childhood Education Major link on department page for the major requirements.

Core CoursesCredits
You should attempt to complete each of the core courses prescribed below. If a scheduling conflict should occur, substitutions may only be made with approval from the appropriate department chair(s).
INCL 201 Introduction to Global Issues 4
INCL 243 Cultural Anthropology 4
INCL 310 Intercultural Competencies 4
INCL 311 Intercultural Experience 0 - 4
Core Total 12 - 16
Please select additional elective courses with input from your advisor(s). Suitable electives are any Liberal Arts (LA) courses that could be counted towards the Intercultural Studies Major, including:
Core courses in the Intercultural Studies Major that are not included above in the core for the Intercultural Studies Contentration.
Courses included in any of the Intercultural Studies Concentrations (International Development, Linguistics, Missions, Urban Studies, Spanish, TESOL)
Other electives listed as suitable for the Intercultural Studies Major.
Electives Total 14 - 20

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