Inclusive Childhood Education Major with Mathematics Concentration

BS (58 hours; plus 4 hours in pre/co-requisites and a concentration of at least 30 hours)

See Inclusive Childhood Education Major link on department page for the major requirements.

Mathematics CoursesCredits
EDUC 114 Mathematical Concepts & Reasoning 4
MATH 181 Calculus I OR 4
MATH 170 Calculus I with Pre-Calculus A AND MATH 171 Calculus I with Pre-Caluclus B 4,4
MATH 182 Calculus II 4
MATH 210 Introduction to Proofs 2
Mathematics Total 14-18
Mathmatics and Computer Science ElectivesCredits
Choose courses from the following courses
CSCI 211 Programming I  4
CSCI 218 Programming II 4
MATH 2xx or above (Two 2-credit courses may be substituted for a 4-credit course.)
Electives Total 12-16

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