Inclusive Childhood Education Major with Social Studies Concentration

BS (58 hours; plus 4 hours in pre/co-requisites and a concentration of 30 hours)

See Inclusive Childhood Education Major link on department page for the major requirements.

History CoursesCredits
Any HIST course(s) meeting the IS Culture: History requirement 4
HIST elective, non-European, non-American History 4
HIST elective above 220 4
Any American History elective (Choose one course from the following courses)
HIST 126 New York State History 4
HIST 220 American History Survey 4
HIST 359 Colonial America, 1600-1788 4
HIST 360 Early National Period, 1788-1850 4
HIST 361 Civil War and Industrial America, 1850-1920 4
HIST 362 Recent American History, 1920 to Present 4
History Total
Political Science (Choose one of the following courses)
POLS 205 In Search of Justice
POLS 220 The American Political System
POLS 375 Immigration and Citizenship
Political Science Total
ECON 201 Intro to Economics
Economics Total
Social Science (Select two courses from the following courses upon consultation with your curriculum advisor)
PSY 213 Developmental Psychology
(or another appropriate PSY elective with the apporval of the appropriate department chairs)
ANTH 243 Cultural Anthropology 4
Two ECON courses numbered 210 or above 2, 2
Any POLS course numbered 204 or above 4
Social Science Total 8

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