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Art Education

BS (44 hours in education plus Double major in art and another discipline)

This major prepares students to teach visual arts to students in grades PK-12. In addition to completing the Art Education major (44 hours), students also complete a second content major in art (art as a second major, 36 hours. Please see the art section of the catalog for art requirements.) The major includes a minimum of 100 hours of field experience, which must be completed prior to student teaching; that field experience is linked to education courses including (but not limited to) the following: EDUC 235, EDUC 240, EDUC 346, and EDUC 347.

Required CoursesCredits
EDUC 202 Topics in Professionalism 0
EDUC 217 Education and American Culture   4
EDUC 219 Educational Psychology 4
EDUC 221 Children's Literature or EDUC 223 Adolescent Literature 4
EDUC 235 Educating Exceptional Learners 4
EDUC 240 Teaching in Urban America
EDUC 313 Language, Literacy & Curriculum Integration 4
EDUC 338 Curriculum and Assessment in Secondary Classrooms 4
EDUC 346 Elementary Art Methods 2
EDUC 347 Secondary Art Methods 2
EDUC 403 Art Student Teaching: Elementary 6
EDUC 404 Art Student Teaching: Secondary 6
EDUC 412 Senior Capstone: Seminar in Art Education 2
Total 44

Please go to the following link to see information about Student Teaching. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR STUDENT TEACHING

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