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Modern Languages Concentration for Inclusive Childhood Education Major

Minimum of 30 hours

See Inclusive Childhood Education Major link on department page for the major requirements.

Prerequisites: 0-24

Students pursuing a concentration in Modern Languages must demonstrate intermediate-level competency in two modern languages.

Choose two of the languages below:
SPAN 101 Spanish Level 1 4
SPAN 012 Spanish Level 2 4
SPAN 205 Intermediate Spanish 4
FREN 101 French Level 1 4
FREN 102 French Level 2 4
FREN 205 Intermediate French 4
GERM 101 German Level 1 4
GERM 102 German Level 2 4
GERM 205 Intermediate German 4
Or you may demonstrate proficiency (Level 2 or higher) in another language, either through competency or earned credit. Note: If you enter Houghton College with demonstrated competency toward one or more of these courses, you will need to select additional electives to ensure that you have earned a minimum of 30 credits. If you transfer in credit, those credits will count toward your concentration.
Please select additional SPAN, FREN, GERM or other elective courses with input from your advisor(s). Electives must be selected from the ssame two languages you studied in the section above. Whenever possible, you should choose a "culture" elective and a "literature" elective in each of your chosen languages. If one of the languages you wish to study is not available at Houghton College, you will need to work closely with your advisor(s) to ensure that courses you might wish to transfer in meet the criteria for this concentration. You may transfer in up to 16 credits toward this concentration. 6-24


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