Pre-nursing Interest with Intercultural Studies

Additional Intercultural Studies courses with pre-nursing courses

Students interested in the nursing profession in global service careers may want to consider taking the following courses in Intercultural Studies in addition to the courses suggested for those interested in pursuing nursing following their work at Houghton.

Typical Course RequirementsCredits
BIOL 217 and BIOL 218 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4, 4
CHEM 151 and CHEM 152 General Chemistry 4, 4
BIOL 242 Microbiology 4
CHEM 187 and CHEM 188 Nutrition 4
PSY 307 and PSY 308 or  PSY 309 or MATH 131 Statistics 3 or 4
PSY 213 Developmental Psychology 4
Intercultural Studies CoursesCredits
INCL 201 Introduction to Global Issues 4
INCL 243 Cultural Anthropology 4
INCL 310 Intercultural Competencies 4
INCL 311 Intercultural Experience 0 - 4
Note: Completetion of these four Intercultural Studies courses would constitute a minor in Intercultural Studies.
Other helpful courses for students interested in nursing and missions or related internationl careersCredits
INCL 348 Foundations of Health Development 4
MISS 241 History of the Global Christian Movement 4
MISS 242 Missions and the Global Church 4
MISS 341 Biblical and Theological Foundations of Mission 4
Various Bible Courses
Note: Completion of these four courses would constitute a minor in Missions.

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