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Pre-nursing with Intercultural Studies

Additional Intercultural Studies courses with pre-nursing courses

Pre-nursing students interested in global service careers may want to consider taking the following courses in Intercultural Studies in addition to the pre-nursing courses listed.

Typical Course RequirementsCredits
BIOL 217 and BIOL 218 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4, 4
CHEM 151 and CHEM 152 General Chemistry 4, 4
BIOL 242 Microbiology 4
CHEM 187 and CHEM 188 Nutrition 4
SOC 307 and SOC 308 or SOC 309 or MATH 131 Statistics 3 or 4
PSY 213 Developmental Psychology 4
Intercultural Studies CoursesCredits
INCL 201 Introduction to Global Issues 4
INCL 243 Cultural Anthropology 4
INCL 310 Intercultural Competencies 4
INCL 311 Intercultural Experience 0 - 4
Note: Completetion of these four Intercultural Studies courses would constitute a minor in Intercultural Studies.
Other helpful courses for pre-nursing students with interests in missions or related internationl careersCredits
INCL 348 Foundations of Health Development 4
MISS 241 History of the Global Christian Movement 4
MISS 242 The Contemporary Church in Missions 4
MISS 342 Biblical and Theological Foundations of Mission 4
Various Bible Courses
Note: Completion of these four courses would constitute a minor in Missions.

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