Pre-medical Interest

Allopathic (awarding an M.D.) and osteopathic (awarding a D.O.) medical schools are very competitive,receiving far more applications each year than the limited number of available openings. Admission committees seek well rounded individuals with outstanding academic achievement at the undergraduate level. Ensuring these two qualities is vital if an applicant is to receive serious consideration for admission.

Students interested in pursuing medical training in graduate school should begin early seeking out opportunities to demonstrate a commitment to community service and to gain practical experience in the medical field. An example of the opportunities offered at Houghton College for students to gain such experiences in the context of elective coursework includes a semester long course in Medical Ethics (which offers a service learning experience in a health related venue).

The two academic benchmarks used by medical schools in screening applicants are the Medical School Application Test (MCAT) and college GPA. Strong performance in both of these is necessary in order to maximize one's chance of being accepted to medical school. Students considering medical school should expect to work diligently from the very beginning of their college experience in order to assure their best preparation for the MCAT. The MCAT is usually taken during the spring of the junior year to support an application for medical school matriculation in the fall following college graduation. Thus, those who intend to follow this timeline for application to medical school should complete the courses needed for MCAT preparation (one year of General Biology, one year of General Chemistry followed by one year of Organic Chemistry, one semester of Calculus followed by one year of Physics) by the end of their junior year. For specific course information please refer to the course descriptions in the appropriate departmental section of the catalog.

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