Make a Difference Day

Celebrate Service / Celebrate Allegany

Please save this date:  October 25, 2014

Why?  Take part in the 3rd annual Celebrate Service/Celebrate Allegany Day of Service

What is it?   An opportunity for college students from all three institutions of higher learning in Allegany County to connect with local residents, learn more about their adopted community, and provide meaningful help to organizations, towns, and individuals.  It is the local celebration of the national Make a Difference Day- the largest national day of community service in the nation.

Why am I being contacted?  We will be looking for projects and initiatives for students that will provide needed assistance to ongoing efforts- or the spark to initiate new projects to benefit the community.

How do I learn more?  Read articles about Make a Difference Day 2012

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Jonathan Hilsher

Corey Fecteau

Phyllis Gaerte

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