Our Story

We are now living in a data revolution. Cool, right?

Organizations have access to more data than ever before - and it is only just beginning.  The demand for those who know how to harness the power of data is off the charts.  Houghton College’s new Data Science degree is responding to this demand to create a new generation of data scientists - people who know how to make sense out of data.

This is where we fit in.

The CDSA is a focal point for Data Science at Houghton College. The CDSA brings students, faculty, alumni and industry together to form a diverse and vibrant data science community, creating an environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation, alongside educating the next generation of Data Scientists.


Our goal is to connect students with new opportunities in data science.

The CDSA is a non-profit academic organization that acts as a focal point for coordinating data science activity at Houghton College.  The CDSA brings together students, faculty, alumni and industry to create en environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation, designed to generate data solutions that will make a difference locally, regionally and beyond.


The CDSA adopts a collaborative “learn by doing” approach.

To accomplish its mission, the CDSA develops co-curricular programs to support the next generation of data scientists, establishes new corporate and alumni partnerships for support, and through our student-led consulting program, generates data solutions that will serve our region and the world. We’ve targeted four domains to get started - sports analytics, business, health care and data science for social good.