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Houghton's Chemistry and Biochemistry Program

Chemistry student in science lab at Houghton College

At Houghton College, experienced Christian faculty members (all active scholars with Ph.D. degrees) in the chemistry department prepare and equip students interested in biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry to define and answer significant questions about our world.  Students pursuing a degree in chemistry or biochemistry learn to think critically and apply their knowledge to real world problems.  Faculty members have active research programs in the development of green chemical reactions and the synthesis and characterization of biopolymers.  Upper level class sizes of 5-12 students allow for hands-on training and use of instrumentation and specialized instruction tailored to the interests of the students.



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The Christian Distinctive

One of the benefits of a Christian liberal arts education in Chemistry is that students are not simply exposed to learning about science.  They are encouraged to deepen their faith as their knowledge of science in general, and Chemistry in particular, increases.  Through direct interaction with professors, small group study and their larger education at Houghton, students discover how the Christian perspective complements and even enhances science.  Students learn to effectively apply their Christian perspective, scientific knowledge, and thinking skills to real-world problems both in and out of the classroom.

After Houghton

A degree in biochemistry or chemistry from Houghton College provides opportunities for a variety of fulfilling careers ranging from health professions to industrial research.

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