Typical BS Chemistry Schedule

Although students may choose to take a schedule similar to the B.A. degree, but with two additional, advanced three-credit-hour courses, students interested in research are encouraged to take the schedule below--with physical chemistry in the junior year--in order to leave the senior year open for research in chemistry.


(number of credit hours given in parenthesis)



  • *CHEM 151 General Chemistry, First Semester (4)
  • *CHEM 152 General Chemistry, Second Semester (4)



  • CHEM 241 Organic Chemistry, First Semester (4)
  • CHEM 242 Organic Chemistry, Second Semester (4)



  • CHEM 277 Analytical Chemistry, First Semester (4)
  • CHEM 286 Special Topic, First Semester (2)
  • CHEM 278 Chemical Instrumentation in Research, Second Semester (4)
  • CHEM 332 Biochemistry, Second Semester (3)



  • CHEM 361 Physical Chemistry, First Semester (4)
  • CHEM 343 Advanced Organic or CHEM 453 Advanced Inorganic, First Semester, (3 each)
  • CHEM 362 Physical Chemistry, Second Semester (4)
  • CHEM 482 Chemistry Seminar, Second Semester (1)


Two semesters of physics and three semesters of math are also required.


*Well-prepared first-year students may test out of General Chemistry.

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