Merry Christmas
from Houghton College


A Christmas greeting from President Shirley A. Mullen

Bells are not particularly part of the biblical account of Christmas, but they are especially appropriate as a way to signal the coming of Christmas. Bells demand our attention whether we like it or not. They remind us that something important is happening—something that we do not want to miss. They keep ringing, no matter what else is going on around them.

This year, as always, there is much to distract us from the unbelievably Good News of Christmas that God has come to be among us. There are papers to grade. There are sick children to tend to. There are bills to be paid, and jobs to be found. There is a hurting world all around us. Yet, in the midst of it all, the bells of Christmas persist in reminding us that we are not alone—that from now to forever, God is with us.  

Let us listen—and rejoice.  May the message of the Christmas bells stay with you throughout 2015.

Shirley Mullen, Class of 1976

Video Credits

Cory Martin '14

Graphic Design
Adeyinka Araromi '14

"Carol of the Bells"
Houghton College Choir
Dr. Adam Luebke, Director

Audio Engineering
Alan Dusel
EMA Studios, Houghton College

Creative Director
Jeff Babbitt '96

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