Communication Major

Whether one seeks a career in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, advertising, government service, community development, law, business, teaching, or the ministry, the ability to communicate is essential.

The communication major is an interdisciplinary program focusing on helping students become competent communicators. This involves the ability to analyze messages in both personal and public contexts, to recognize and choose among the various communication strategies that are available, and to use language and images to create messages that are sensitive to the audience and that help to solve real world problems.

Communication Major (35-42 hours)

 Pre-requisites Courses2
COMM 101 Presentational Speaking 2
 Major Required Courses 20
COMM 205 Intro to Communication Theory 4
COMM 214 Introduction to Mass Media 4
COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication 4
COMM 216 Organizational Communication 4
COMM 417 Seminar in Public Communication 4
Communication Electives (chosen with advisor)5 courses
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