Integrated Marketing Communication

An important and challenging communication task happens when we shepherd messages in and out of organized communities and associations of large numbers of people. Public relations, marketing, advertising – these complex components of organizational life require integration and integrity to ethically serve people's needs.

The Integrated Marketing Concentration builds on basic core communication courses offered at Houghton to develop a defined competence in the communication components of marketing. These components include advertising, public relations, marketing events such as trade shows, direct mail or other forms of one-to-one communication, and web-based or electronic initiatives.

Where can it take me?

The focus of integrated marketing communication is to enable students to enter profit or not-for-profit businesses or organizations and assume a role in a marketing or promotions department with the ability to understand, manage and implement an expected set of professional tasks.

 Pre-requisites Course2
COMM 101 Presentational Speaking  2
 Major Required Courses 20
COMM 205 Intro to Communication Theory 4
COMM 214 Introduction to Mass Media 4
COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication 4
COMM 216 Organizational Communication 4
COMM 417/418 Seminar in Public Communication 4
COMM 312 Advertising Principles 4
COMM 313 Public Relations Principles 4
COMM 218  Marketing Principles (also listed as BADM 218) 4

Two courses chosen from:

  • Principles of Management (BADM 212)
  • Graphic Design I (ART 245)
  • Introduction to Digital Imaging (COMM 284)
  • Introduction to Web Communication (COMM 232)
  • Special Topics (COMM 295, 395)
  • Communication Internship (COMM 353)
  • Literary Non-Fiction (WRIT 214)
  • Creative Writing in Public Life (WRIT 312)

Communication Major with Integrated Marketing Concentration BA, 40 hours

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