Rhetorical Communication

For more than 2000 years, the study of communication was the study of rhetoric. Our rhetorical communication track connects students to the roots of communication study while keeping the conversation relevant and current. Together we apply rhetorical theory to contemporary forms of delivering messages.

Choosing to concentrate study in rhetorical communication means choosing to explore the rich past traditions and future inspirations of the field – the power of language and ideas to shape communities and nations. Rhetoric students wrestle with the principles of presuasion, reasoning, and ethics, as well as new encountering the great rhetorical achievements of societies past and present.

Where can it take me?

Central to the study of rhetoric is civic engagement. The opportunity for people to express themselves, topresent arguments, to engage in debate, and to praise (or criticize) is critical to all democratic societies.

Students of rhetorical communication construct powerful and ethically responsible messages for a world in need of scholar-servants. In the church, the workplace, and the community, our students play a critical role in creating solutions to problems, defending the rights of the oppressed, and improving the lives of fellow human beings.

 Pre-requisite Courses2
COMM 101 Presentational Speaking 2
 Major Required Courses20
COMM 205 Intro to Communication Theory 4
COMM 214 Introduction to Mass Media 4
COMM 215 Interpersonal Communication 4
COMM 216 Organizational Communication 4
COMM 417 Seminar in Public Communication 4
 Concentration (18-20 hours)
 COMM 316 Advanced Presentational Speaking 4

Four Courses chosen from:

  • Rhetorical Theory (COMM 318)
  • American Public Address (COMM 319)
  • Oral Performance of Literature (COMM 244)
  • Special Topics (COMM 295, 395)
  • Communication Internship (COMM 353)
  • Literary Non-Fiction (WRIT 214)
  • Principles of Expository Preaching (MIN 324)
  • Creative Writing in Public Life (WRIT 312)

Communication Major with Rhetorical Communication Concentration BA, 38-40 hours

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