Conference Policies

College Policies

The Conference office hosts many different groups ranging from family reunions and specialized teaching clinics to regional and international church assemblies.  To make your stay at Houghton College more enjoyable, please be aware of the following procedures and safety measures.


Emergency protocol:

For any emergency, you can reach Campus Security (24 hours a day) by dialing x3330 from any campus phone or (585) 567-9333. In case of fire or severe personal injury dial 911 from any campus phone.


We are not responsible conferees’ personal belongings.  Although considered a serene and safe community, conferees at Houghton College should lock room doors and monitor valuables.

Campus Wide Concerns

The use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs is prohibited on the Houghton College campus. Possession of firearms, weapons, fireworks, and explosives are not allowed on the Houghton College campus.

Residence Life Issues

Please be aware of the following concerns for dorm and townhouse use:

  • We ask that all pets please stay at home (i.e.: NOT at Houghton).
  • For fire safety reasons we ask that you not bring candles, incense or personal appliances (i.e.: hot pots, coffee makers, microwaves, etc.) into the dorms.
  • Key policies: if you fail to return your key you will be billed $30.00 for its replacement.
  • Room damage: should you damage or break dorm furniture or fixtures, you will be billed for its repair or replacement.
  • Quiet Hours: please observe the 10:00 pm to 7:00 am quiet hours.