The Houghton College Eco-Rep program provides students with the opportunity to take action on sustainability.  Working together as a team, Eco-Reps plan events and organize initiatives designed to engage their peers and the college campus in creation care activities.  Volunteers gain valuable leadership experience, learn important sustainability principles, and benefit from being involved with key service-learning opportunities.

The primary responsibility of Eco-Reps will be to “do sustainability stuff.”  In other words, each Eco-Rep is expected to develop and implement one sustainability initiative for the year.  This could include planning a new event, “greening” an existing activity or program, working on a new college policy, hosting a service project, or many other ideas.  Essentially, Eco-Rep activities will be shaped by the interest of the student representatives.  Eco-Reps will also be expected to participate in regular meetings, assist other Eco-Reps with their initiatives, and generally serve as sustainability ambassadors to the student population.

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