The Houghton College Eco-Rep program provides students with the opportunity to take action on sustainability.  Working together as a team, Eco-Reps plan events and organize initiatives designed to engage their peers and the college campus in creation care activities.  Volunteers gain valuable leadership experience, learn important sustainability principles, and benefit from being involved with key service-learning opportunities.

The primary responsibility of Eco-Reps will be to “do sustainability stuff.”  Eco Reps are led by two student interns who help plan and coordinate activities and are overseen the by Sustainability Coordinator.

Looking for ideas on how to live sustainably as a college student?  See below for a list of action steps you can take:

  • Turn things off (lights, TV, computer, etc.)
  • Eat less meat
  • Recycling everything in the blue bins
  • Close exterior doors and windows
  • Buy sustainable
  • Inform yourself about issues that matter
  • Do laundry with full loads in cold water
  • Hang dry clothes
  • Waste less food
  • Write your member of Congress
  • Get outside
  • Skip the elevator
  • Take shorter showers
  • Pray for God's creation
  • Join Eco Reps!
  • Walk to campus from the townhouses
  • Carpool to the store, church, home, etc.
  • Carry around a re-usable water bottle
  • Avoid products with excess packaging
  • Buy sustainably-sourced, recycled content paper products from the campus store
  • Exercise 
  • Let maintenance know whenever a room or building feels too warm in winter
  • Get rid of your mini fridge 
  • Use only LED bulbs in your lamps
  • Use reusable mugs in JAVA
  • Buy cloth bags for grocery shopping
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