Townhouse Composting

In the past few years we've received repeated requests to place compost tumblers by the townhouses.  Well, now you have it!  All townhouse students are now welcome to use the new tumblers, but please follow a few key guidelines:

  1. PLANTS ONLY.  Vegetables, fruit, grains and small amounts of paper products are good.  NO meat, dairy, oils/fats, or plastics! 
  2. ADD THE "BROWNS".  There will soon be a bin of "brown material" (shredded paper, sawdust, leaves, etc.) located beside the tumblers. Please add a scoop or handful of "brown" material every time you add food scraps.
  3. ROTATE.  Turn the tumblers about once a week (not more often).
  4. READ THE SIGNS. One tumbler will be for "new compost" and the other for "active compost." Active compost needs to sit undisturbed for a few weeks.  New materials should always be added to the "new compost" bin (read the signs, as the bins will switch every month or so).
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