What Can I Do?

One of the main obstacles preventing people from living more sustainably involves knowing where to start.  Here are a few simple suggestions for ways that students can begin actively caring for God’s creation while living at Houghton.

  • Turn off your lights and other electronics when leaving your dorm room.
  • Throw all recyclable items into the many blue recycling bins (please rinse them, if possible).
  • Select the cold cycles on campus laundry machines; use less detergent; and select shorter drying cycles (or line dry your clothes).
  • Don’t waste food in the dining hall.  Take only what you will eat.
  • Eat less meat.  The production of meat requires significantly more energy and natural resources than do vegetables or grains.
  • Walk around campus.
  • Put your electronics on a power strip and turn it off when not in use.
  • Get in the habit of bringing reusable water bottle with you in order to avoid using bottled water.
  • Take shorter showers to conserve water and energy.
  • Carpool home on breaks.
  • Take one of our many sustainability-focused courses.  For a listing, please visit Creation Care Courses.
  • Become an Eco-Rep.  Eco-Reps are student leaders who plan activities designed to engage the campus in creation care action.
  • Read a book about creation care.  A few good ones include Serve God, Save the Planet, For the Beauty of the Earth, Deep Economy, Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Saving God’s Green Earth.
  • Get outside!  One of the best ways to care for God’s creation is to fall in love with it.  Get out and take a walk in the beautiful countryside around Houghton.

Got an idea you’d like to see happen at Houghton?  Contact the Sustainability Coordinator at creationcare@houghton.edu to let us know what you’re thinking about.