Careers and Outcomes

After Houghton


Amanda Stent ’96 (music and mathematics major)

Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo Inc.

Amanda is a computational linguist.  She creates computer models that analyze natural human languages (e.g. English text or speech) to support the way people interact with computers.  Techniques from computational linguistics are used in applications such as machine translation, speech recognition, and intelligent web searching.

Heidi Frasure ’99 (math major)

Kosiorek Informatics, Health Analyst Blue Cross Blue Shield of America (insurance)

Heidi provides results and statistical analysis from data that is obtained from cancer patients involved in research studies.  These reports are published in medical journals and used in grant applications to further medical research and ultimately provide better treatments and care to patients with a particular condition.

Christopher Wells ’05 (physics and math major)

Quantitative Analyst, Chatham Financial

Christopher Well '05 (physics and math major)Chris develops and implements models of financial risk and derivatives pricing across the foreign exchange, commodities and interest rate markets.  His work relies on techniques from statistical modelling, stochastic differential equations and related ideas in financial mathematics.

Ryan Shay ’11 (business administration and math major)

Informatics Programmer; Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Ryan Shay ’11 (business administration and math major)Ryan extracts, manipulates and analyzes data using data mining and statistical techniques, as well as business intelligence technologies.  He develops complex reports and summaries that include recommendations for decision-making and problem-solving.  His work covers a broad range of health care data, focusing on health care trends, costs and business processes.  Ryan also assisted a local college basketball team by providing advanced statistical analysis to evaluate individual, group and team performance.

Caitlin Whittemore ’10 (intercultural studies and international development major)

Health Workforce Intern, USAID

Caitlin’s work includes monitoring and evaluation for global health. Most recently, she conducted research for a microfinance program in Swaziland.  This involved the design of survey tool, the adaptation of the tool for a mobile data collection application, analysis of the data using statistical software and visualization of the data for reporting.

Carmen McKell ’87 (psychology major)

President, Basemetrics, Inc.

Carmen is a tireless advocate of data science, and lives at the intersection of analysis and action.  Her company, BaseMetrics Inc., is a consulting firm specializing in advanced analytics and visualization.  Carmen loves working with clients to discover the potential of data to solve complex problems.  Her work over the past 20 years covers many sectors, including healthcare and higher education.

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