CDSA | Center for Data Science and Anayltics


The Center for Data Science Analytics (CDSA) acts as a focal point for coordinating data science activity at Houghton College. The CDSA brings together students, faculty, alumni and industry to create an environment of multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation, designed to generate data solutions that will make a difference locally, regionally and beyond. These data insights can lead to new discoveries, create new business opportunities, inform policy and decision-making, and help solve global challenges.


Still unsure of what data science is or what it looks like in the real world? Head to the CDSA’s website at to read data science FAQ’s, see some of our recent projects, and find out how you can become involved with data science at Houghton College.


The CDSA is guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration & Engagement – collaborative engagement in all aspects of the data science process
  • Pursuit of Innovation – constant reinvention and new connections as a driving force behind data science
  • Team Orientation – fostering the best combination of talents and skills to generate data solutions
  • Excellence –  the pursuit of excellence establishes a sense of purpose and integrity in all we do
  • Impact – focused on making a substantial academic, commercial, and societal impact

For more information about the CDSA or opportunities in data science, contact Matt Skillman.