Adolescence Education Major

Adolescence education prepares students for teaching in grades 7-12 through coursework, field experiences (100 hours of contact time prior to student teaching), and student teaching. Graduates will have satisfied New York State Education Department requirements for initial certification in one of seven areas: Augmented History (Social Studies), Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Spanish, or Physics. Coursework covers topics such as theories of teaching and learning, literacy, special education, classroom management, curriculum, assessment, and content-specific teaching methods.

*Students majoring in adolescence education are required to complete the program outlined below in addition to one of the following content majors (30 hours or more): Augmented History, Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, or Spanish.


Students are encouraged to take an appropriate social science course as part of their integrative studies program.

 Major Required Courses
EDUC 202 Topics in Professionalism 0
EDUC 219 Educational Psychology 4
EDUC 217 Education and American Culture 4
EDUC 223 Adolescent Literature 4
EDUC 235 Educating Exceptional Learners 4
EDUC 240 Teaching in Urban America 2
EDUC 313 Language, Literacy and Curriculum Integration for Diverse Learners 4
EDUC 331 Secondary Teaching: General Methods 2
EDUC 338 Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment in Secondary Classrooms 4

Second Teaching: Content Methods

  • English Methods (EDUC 332)
  • Foreign Language Methods (EDUC 333)
  • Math Methods (EDUC 334)
  • Science Methods (EDUC335)
  • Social Studies Methods (EDUC 336)
EDUC 409 Secondary Student Teaching I 6
EDUC 410 Secondary Student Teaching II 6
EDUC 485 Seminar on Reflective Teaching 2

Adolescence Education Major BA, 44 hours

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